The heart of the Læra Institute's work is the provision of educational resources to support UArctic member faculty teaching Circumpolar Studies.  We aim to develop resources that enable high-quality teaching across UArctic as a whole, but without compromising local adaptability and academic flexibility. Rather than provide fixed modules or courses, we offer a set of criteria for designing best-practice programmes in Circumpolar Studies, complemented by exemplar materials and pedagogical resources:

  • Curriculum development — a detailed guidebook for the development of high-quality Circumpolar Studies curricula, including curriculum principles, themes and learning outcomes, as well as a curriculum developer's checklist
  • Exemplar courses — an ‘off-the-shelf’ suite of Circumpolar Studies courses meeting the curriculum criteria above, for UArctic member faculty who wish to teach or modify pre-written material
  • Pedagogical resources — supplementary Circumpolar Studies teaching resources that are ready for faculty to use or adapt

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