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The UArctic Læra Institute for Circumpolar Education will host a session entitled 'Educational innovation for the Circumpolar North' at the Arctic Congress 2024, taking place 29 May to 3 June at the Nordland Research Institute and Nord University in in Bodø, Norway.

This session is devoted to educational innovation related to the Arctic or Circumpolar North in university, school or community contexts.  We invite papers not only on traditional classroom teaching, but also online teaching and other non-traditional educational modes (e.g. educational simulations, outdoor learning, land- or community-based learning, etc).

Papers may focus on any learner group, whether children, youth or adult learners.  Papers may also focus on different types of learning, such as conceptual learning, experiential learning, skills-building (e.g. communication or leadership skills) or character development (e.g. self-confidence, leadership, coping with stress, etc).  We encourage papers that take an interdisciplinary approach, including the Arctic humanities, social sciences and natural sciences.  We especially encourage papers in the field of Indigenous Knowledge education, or papers that aim to bridge Western and Indigenous epistemologies.

Papers may also focus on teaching and learning about the Circumpolar North in the UArctic context.  This includes not only the UArctic Circumpolar Studies (CS) programme itself, but also stand-alone CS courses, minors, certificates, diplomas, degrees, etc.  Faculty designing or delivering CS are invited to look critically at their practice, including curriculum development, course delivery, teaching methods, learning environments, and so on.  How is CS is delivered – and how could and should it be delivered – across UArctic?

Finally, we hope that this session will go some way to promoting international linkages and the sharing of best practice between educators concerned with the Arctic or Circumpolar North.

Interested scholars or practitioners should please submit abstracts following the abstracts portal on the Arctic Congress website.

The deadline for abstracts has been extended to 19 January 2024.  We look forward to your submissions!

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