The Læra Institute website has expanded!  We've added a new section devoted to the UArctic Circumpolar Studies programme.  You can also access this section using the 'Studies' element of our top menu above.

In this new section, you'll find information on:

  • UArctic Circumpolar Studies — an introduction to UArctic Circumpolar Studies, including a downloadable brochure detailing the programme and the courses that may be available each year
  • Current UArctic CS Courses — a list of the UArctic Circumpolar Studies courses taught in the current academic year, including titles, teaching institutions and teaching faculty
  • UArctic CS Registration — instructions on how to register for a UArctic Circumpolar Studies course, including a downloadable registration form

If you're an undergraduate student studying at any UArctic member institution, you're eligible to take part in the UArctic Circumpolar Studies programme.  The courses are taught online, so you can take them from wherever you are.  Learn more and register using the links above.

If you're a faculty member at a UArctic member institution who would like to send your students to join courses, or to offer courses yourself, please contact the UArctic Circumpolar Studies team at Trent University for more information.


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